About us

“I initially met Adrian trying to find an actor for a uni film. Although we never met in person. He sent in a self tape and I thought he had the part nailed. But the rest of the crew and the lecturer thought he wasn’t the right fit the awkward character the director had in mind.
So I thought that was that. Poor dude.

Then to my surprise I met him again at the local Theatre in the acting classes. And we hit it off becoming good friends, talking about films and the types of things we liked. He mentioned wanting to create stuff and he needed some help. I was thinking of starting my own company. So I said what the heck lets do it.”


“The first time I met Emma she crushed my dreams. I auditioned for her short film ‘A Change Of Pace’ and it’s safe to say I was scared shitless. It was my first EVER audition. I sent through my self tape with so much anticipation, ready to take establish myself as a leading man. Little did I know how unprepared I was for the rejection I would later receive.

After about a month I got a message saying I was not selected but in pure Emma fashion she was adorably polite. Still, no amount of politeness could tissue my tears.”


Why we started Bear and the Owl…

Starting out in any industry can be rough, let alone the creative arts. So, the idea of creating your own opportunity can be a helpful one. That’s why we created a small independent company

Our Goal

We want to give local and upcoming artists an opportunity to self express in their chosen platform.

The content we like to create is the kind that pulls you into another world and leaves you scrambled. Mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. If it makes you think, or escape the world for a time that’s good enough for us.