Extra stuff

At Bear and the Owl our main goal is to make films, but we do more than that


Emma has been doing photography since she was a kid. Thanks to her Dads lessons she takes photos wherever she goes. From animals in nature, to landscapes and shots of people doing things they enjoy.

Emma was also the official photographer and videographer for Sacred Soul Wellness Caringbah. She has also been a photographer for Toyota at Tamworth Country Music Festival 2022, and has the artists repost her work. As well as Hedge Funds Rock Awards night 2021, 2022.

You can see more examples of her work on her Instagram page: @ej_photography27

Graphic design

Emma is also a keen artist and is happy to help with poster designs, social media banners and more! She recently was the graphic designer for Streamed Shakespeare on their production of Richard III, and has designed merch for the Cujic Kyokushin Karate dojo.